The lovely adventure of gitbird will soon be over, sadly.
Due to the recent events of Twitter, I've decided to shut this down. Multiple new adventures can be found at hasty & moths 👋
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How to


You may be wondering what on earth is. The answer is simple. You can use to update your followers on what progress you are doing on your product while coding, committing, and pushing straight from your comfy terminal!

In short, a tool that lets you connect most any git-repository to Twitter.


To use, you press the "getting started" button (or login if you have a user). Then you will be redirected to the hooks page. This provides you with a hook which you can install on your git-repository. Afterwards, whenever you commit anything to that repo, will catch the commit message and nothing else. This will be pre-made into a tweet, which, if you choose, you can tweet it for all to see. On the other hand, if you don't want the world to see how you fixed a rather embarrassing bug, you can choose to delete it.


Third, if you have been a busy little bird and committed quite a lot, it might be tedious to tweet it all out by hand. You can navigate to the "daily"-tab, on which you can tweet for a whole day at a time! This will provide an image with a summary of all that day's events, and then tweet the tweets of the day afterwards in a thread upon that first image-tweet!

Fun fact: was born four years ago but was killed by me again after awhile, as I did not have the time to keep it up and it was full of bugs. Now, though, it has been very much improved and can keep itself up and running.

Lastly, I'm happy to have here, as it can be a lifesaver for people who, like me, would like to keep the community updated with what's going on in the product!